How To Save A Client $15,000 In A Single Shipment And Have The Goods Arrive On Site Early

In the mining and resources industry, the stakes are high — when things do not run seamlessly, sites experience lost production, delayed projects or extended shutdowns which have significant financial consequences. Remote locations, specialty and out-of-gauge freight, and highly technical products mean that logistical requirements can often be varied and complex.

Generic freight-forwarders simply aren’t equipped with the industry insight and problem-solving capacity necessary to provide the best outcomes. To achieve successful results, you need a specialist approach from people with experience in the industry.

A recent example of this is illustrated below:

A Frustrated Client

Frustrated by the options they had been presented with by other logistics services, a client requested our help to move an urgent shipment of 6m pipes to a South East Asia site within a week.

Previous options provided by other logistics services to the client:

Option 1: The freight could travel on a freighter in one weeks’ time and arrive late at an expense of $20K

Option 2: The freight could travel on a chartered flight and arrive on time at an expense of $150K

Clearly, neither of these outcomes were desirable. Fortunately, the Navigator Logistics team were able to provide a better solution.

The Navigator Solution:

The Navigator team considered a non-traditional approach: commercial passenger flights, which depart daily, could be used to transport the cargo — an option that would at first seem to be unavailable as the pipe segments were too long to satisfy the airline’s space restrictions.

To solve this, our team recommended the pipes be cut down from 6m – 3m to get them on the flight, and then re-joined once they arrived on site — a solution that would reduce the cost of the shipment to 5K, and result in the goods being delivered to site before the deadline.

With our client eagerly approving, the pipes were relocated to our purpose-built consolidation facility in Perth, where they were cut in our in-house workshop, repacked and transported to the airport for delivery that night.

With a little bit of problem-solving, our solution saved the client $15,000 and delivered the goods to site ahead of schedule.

By leveraging industry expertise to go beyond the transactional approach of logistics, Navigator was able to deliver a solution that provided exceptional value and resulted in a very happy client.